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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 10, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. good evening, everyone. i'm peg gy bunker, san francisco police have not released the names of the person responsible in a deadly stabbing, happening in almaden valley. authorities say the family just moved into the house this year. this is san jose's 20th homicide of the year, by this time last year there were 30 homicides. and police expecting to clear out a camp, the cleanup is expected to happen tomorrow. today, the protesters were angry over a new fence to be installed
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soon, protesters say it will stop them from helping the homeless. and with the release of the movie teenage mutant ninja, the authorities are say to buy the action figures instead of live turtles. and firefighters could be stopped from gaining control of a wildfire burning in mendocino county. more than 200 firefighters are battling the large fire, began on july 30th. about 30% contained right now. 60 structures are involved, firefighters have been injured battling the fire, all of them recovering from minor injuries or burns. and there are lightning advisories tomorrow, covering alameda, contra costa and napa
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valleys. >> we're seeing lightning strikes across the area, as you mentioned the fire burning across mendocino county right now, we have other fires burning and getting more rain with lightning strikes as well. more severe warnings near tahoe, and 20 lightning strikes in the past hour with these particular storms. for us at home we don't have anything like that. no lightning strikes or showers. we do have the radar fired up. we're noticing returns across the east bay and south bay. what i have done with this imagery is show you the water vapor. we have a plume of moisture surging up over the bay area with clouds outside. this area of moisture will fuel the thunderstorms as they wrap across the area sitting off the coast. basically the best chance will come tomorrow night and tuesday morning. while we may see a rogue thunderstorm tonight, i don't think everybody will see it. it will most likely be
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concentrated off the east bay. we'll talk about the timing of the activity and show you what the radar will look like. thank you, anthony, well, investigators today say there is no evidence of criminal intent in last night's deadly accident involving nascar driver tony stewart. stewart skipped today's race after striking and killing a racer last night at a dirt track. during that race, a driver named kevin ward jr. left his car to confront stewart after a crash. he was hit a short time after. team members spoke today to a distraught stewart. >> this is a tough, emotional time for everybody. our family, his family, our family at the stewart house, tony stewart. >> now the tarrant county sheriff said that the champ is fully cooperating with the investigation. stewart was driving about 40 miles an hour during the incident after a caution flag. and today, north carolina
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health officials say returning missionaries who worked with the ebola patients in liberia will be placed in quarantine. last week, two infected missionaries were quarantined at emory university. none of the other missionaries has shown any symptoms of ebola but health officials don't want to take any chances. each person will be quarantined for at least three weeks due to the infection. and nearly a thousand people are confirmed dead as nbc's gabe gutierrez confirms other areas are taking drastic steps to contain the outbreak. >> reporter: this morning, dr. kent brantly and nancy writebol are said to be improving after the outbreak. but while liberians here came to show their gratitude, the largest outbreak is causing concern. in nigeria, travellers are being
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screened at airports. guinea has closed its borders with sierra leone and borders, the riot police say the government is leaving dead bodies in the streets. dr. helene gail runs an organization that serves the poor in africa. >> and i think the ripple effect of what it does to communities and people, their ability to earn an income, those are the things that will have a bigger impact. the economic and overall social impact of the ebola outbreak. >> reporter: we spoke with one of the group's workers in sierra leone. this doctor as a young missionary 40 years ago came down with ebola before it even had a name. >> i was acutely ill before later starting to recover. >> reporter: 40 years later, doctors say he develop
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antibodies and survived the disease. >> so it appears i was able to survive it. >> reporter: now, they hope others can win the fight. a family of a missouri teen calling for justice after he was shot and killed by the police, in a suburb near st. louis, when he physically assaulted a police officer. there was a struggle and several shots were fired. brown died at the scene, his mother says her son was getting ready to start college next week and didn't deserve to die. >> he didn't bother nobody. >> he was a good kid, he was a cool kid. he wasn't no trouble. he was always quiet. >> reporter: a protest that was held outside the police department today, while another is expected tomorrow. and new video, a roller coaster stopped in its tracks's filled with riders in prince george's county, maryland, near washington, d.c.
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rescue crews helped to rescue all 24 people on the ride, the ride will remain closed until an investigation is completed. and a serial stowaway will be back in court tomorrow. marilyn hartman is still in custody after sneaking onto an airlines flight leaving the airport. the bay area woman and her court-appointed attorney claim homelessness and mental illness led her to board at least one flight without a ticket. she was reportedly arrested four times. and daly city on the verge of tightening restrictions, they plan to ban pay-day lenders from operating within 2,000 feet of each other, right now they have a stretch along mission street. critics say the pay day loans prey on low income families. they charge a fee for short-term
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loans. and a remarkable boy surviving an unthinkable attack. he recounts his story with a sense of poise and bravery much beyond his years. >> reporter: james was still recovering from surgery when he calmly recalled how it all began. >> at first i thought someone was just playing with me. i didn't know what happened. >> reporter: the 9-year-old was cooling off at a lake in a popular park when he felt something sharp clamp down on his leg. >> i reached down to go grab it and i felt its jaw and teeth. >> reporter: the teeth of a nine-foot 500 pound alligator. >> i immediately reacted and hit it a couple of times. so then it was letting go a little. and then finally i had enough strength left to pry its jaw open a little. >> reporter: and that is when james screamed for help. his friend spotted him and
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called 911. >> he was crawling up the shore, screaming and crying with gator. >> reporter: the doctor treated him for 30 teeth marks including one still there and also included scratch marks from the gator's claws. >> we see lots and lots of kids injured. he is probably one of the bravest and most polite kids we met. >> reporter: james is not the only one who had a close encounter with an alligator this week. a tampa woman was attacked while out on a canoe with friends. amanda reese is in stable condition. james is also expected to make a full recovery while trappers continue to search for the gator that attacked him. holding tight to his father's happen hand, james was asked if he would return to the lake. he had just one answer.
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>> negative. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, new york. and coming up next, the international spotlight back on silicon valley. meet the german correspondent taking a look at homeless camps. also a simple feature from the gap, this dress. and coming up, a huge debate over body image. ♪ go! go! wow! go power...oats! go! made from oats cheerios! cheerios! go, go, go! go power oats! go! cheerios! go power! go...power! yayyyy!
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. the homeless situation in silicon valley is getting international attention and coverage. a news crew from germany's ard network was in san jose to shoot a tv special on the valley's homeless problem and solutions. the group went with the agroup o
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help. >> silicon valley is a place which germans think of as thatñ must be the place of the super rich, success, innovation, and they forget that there are common people living here, too, that may have day to day problems. >> the ard network is reportedly the world's largest public broadcaster right after the bbc. well, the controversy over body image and advertising has blown up yet again because of an ad from the clothing retailer, gap, because of what it posted on its facebook page. and janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: it was a simple tweet from the gap, between this model wearing a plaid dress, but it was not the model getting attention. one wrote, in what world do people look like this? don't they feed their model?
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seriously, she looks ill. one wrote looks like she needs a hamburger and sunlight. not everybody was opposed to this ad. people say this to my wife all the time and it is just as hurtful as telling people to diet. these even have a label. >> skinny shaming, making a person or group of individuals feel badly about themselves because they are you know, too thin in someone else's opinion. >> reporter: the fashion industry has long been criticized for barely there models. and where its attitude for women not thin enough for the catwalk. abercrombie said they specifically didn't include all sizes because it was attracting the all-american kids. size 22 blogger was not impressed, spoofing the company's ads with a campaign of her own, attractive and fat. later, he responded saying he regretted the ads were
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interpreted in a way that caused offense. later, the gap said our intention is always to celebrate diversity, customer feedback is important to us. the week writer said it is the company's critics who appear insensitive. >> the commenters are fuelling this. >> people need to keep their opinions to themselves, whether they're too thin or big and we need to respect women for their bodies, it is not ours to comment on. >> customers are showing signs that it is shame in general, fed up with the arrows flung at anyone not picture-perfect. janet shamlian, nbc news. wow, the debate continues. coming up, flash flood sweeping into south carolina this afternoon. where heavy rains knocked cars around like toys.
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take a look. we have more video to show you coming up.
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terrible situation now as investigators have recovered one body after flash floods swept two people into a storm pipe in south carolina. they're still searching for the other person, flash floods came after heavy rains pounded the greenville area. take a look at this bridge that got completely washed out. two cars ended up in the middle of the road and one sent over another creek. no serious injuries there. and a typhoon landed in japan, killing one and injuring others. it slowed down as it made two landfalls in japan. more than a million people were forced to evacuate across the country, disrupting air and land travel just as japan was ready to prepare for the buddha celebration week. and another foot of rain is
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expected by tomorrow morning. and for the end of summer we're seeing a lot of wild weather, and some in our own back yard. if we can only just get the rain, flooding on the west, the other side the world. we really could use some of this rain. we're seeing thunderstorms across the sierra, unfortunately for us we're not going to see any of this activity tonight at least as far as activity goes. one or two strikes across portions of contra costa and maybe alameda county, maybe up towards northern sonoma, you can see the radar here very inactive. i want to show you the water vapory image, we have a deck of clouds streaming right over head. and you will notice the purple here south of sacramento. we may actually get a bit of lightning. i would say more so closer to sacramento tonight and maybe for us tomorrow night. right now, things are looking pretty good. very comfortable conditions
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outside as we show you what it is looking at from our sky cam image. and you will notice towards san francisco and the south bay, the deck of cloud cover moving overhead. off the coast of sf right now we're seeing lightning strikes right across the ocean. so again things are starting to get a little more active as the storm system gets its act together. and eventually it will push out of here. one more day, active weather that we'll have to continue to deal with. no more rain, san jose up to 81, san francisco another cool day just like today. 66 degrees for the marina district, 65 for the embarcadero, up towards the north bay a better chance of seeing the lightning strike. mostly after 5:00 in the evening of t . most of the day will be dry. 80 in napa, 82 in walnut creek and we could see a stray lightning strike but again all day long we'll see sunshine.
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the threat of lightning will come towards sunset tomorrow evening. so what i have done is fast forward all the way to 5:00. we'll look at sunshine across the entire board. look at what happens, though, not a huge washout as the storm moves through. as you can see barely any green on the radar. as it moves through, maybeñi a couple of lightning strikes. not a lot of rainfall, most of the storms forming will create dry lightning. we really could use more rain. we'll keep tracking it. of course as things change we'll be here to follow along and bring it to you as it does change. >> all right, appreciate it. still to come, a great story, diamonds may be a girl's best friend. that is right, especially for the player here trying to help her team on the baseball diamond. coming up next, how she is inspiring other girls to follow their dreams. is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew
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well, it is that time of year when boys across the country battle for a shot to make it to the little league. but forget about philadelphia because their star pitcher is a girl. >> and when their team takes a field, monee david is about to prove that diamonds really are a girl's best friend. >> reporter: there was a time when throwing like a girl was used as an insult. meet monee davis, a 13-year-old pitching phenom, who just happens to be a girl. are you as good as any boy here? >> yes. >> reporter: no question? >> no question. >> reporter: her confidence has been earned with her 70 miles an hour fastball, leading her team to the pennsylvania state championship. and now a shot at making it into the little league world series. >> she is just a great player. once the curiosity changes, they
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just recognize her as a great baseball player. >> reporter: she found soccer was not for her and switched to baseball. while she says the boys never gave her a hard time davis doesn't mind making sure they respect her as a player. >> i end up striking them out, i look at my teammates and they're laughing. so i just laugh with them. >> of course there is good natured teasing all around. >> when she hits a home run, we like to say she hits like a girl. >> reporter: davis can't stay in the dorm with her teammates, but on field they're the same. >> there is a very good chance she will start it. >> reporter: she is not a fan of the extra attention. >> i just want to be like a baseball player. just to go out and be a baseball player. >> reporter: but davis does hope she is inspiring other young girls. >> don't let anyone stopping from doing what you like. so just keep dreaming, go for
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it. >> reporter: kristen dahlgren, new york. >> and the coach says the best thing about davis is her level head. nothing seems to rattle her. very impressive. >> a 70 miles per hour fastball, that is something, some heat at that level. >> a big career ahead of her. coming up in the next half hour, they're back. super heroes in a half shell hitting the box office this weekend. plus, a warning from bay area shelters over turtle power, heads up. and traffic problem caused by the embarcadero extension problem. they're about to get some welcome relief. also. i'm nannette miranda, and city leaders say these barriers are not for keeping out the homeless. more fruit in the filling, ya? mmm! ya! warm, flaky, gooey, toaster strudel!
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now, with more fruit! don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds.
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coming up at 5:00, no more fences and build homes. a message from protesters today
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from one of the biggest homeless camps in silicon valley. plus, shock over a deadly accident on the track. we'll have more from the nascar champion tony stewart who with drew from the race. and more on a crash that involves a pizza oven. nbc bay area news starts now. and good evening to you, thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. and i'm terry mcsweeney. advocates firing back at city leaders this week, upset because of plans to install a fence, known as "the jungle." more from san jose. >> reporter: well, terry right here behind me this big empty lot behind me is generally where groups come to help the homeless. if you follow me, they live right here down below the brush, known as the largest em campment. they bring food, clothing and
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blankets, but right here, the city of suspean jose wants to b a gate. protesters say a gate and boulders would prevent goodhearted people from helping the less fortunate. the demonstrators believe the barriers are another attempt to make feeding the homeless illegal. the city tried to do that earlier this year but it failed. >> this is a backhanded way of accomplishing the same thing. by putting a fence around here they have no way to have access. the people down below wouldn't come up and get fed. they're forced to go elsewhere to get fed. >> the city claims that is not true, trying to stop illegal dumping. they leave mattresses and bulky things to avoid going to the dump. the coordinator issued a statement today saying the city has communicated this plan to key homeless service partners and wil c


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